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People First To Partnership With Customers: Perspective From Mike Boyle

Mike Boylejoined RCM Technologies about a year ago as division president, Information Technology Services. In this interview with Parna Sarkar-Basu, he opens up about his vision for the company and leadership style to why he prefers to partner with RCMT’s global customers.

Parna: You’ve been with the company for about a year now. What made you decide to join RCMT?

Mike: I enjoy the challenge of energizing a company and getting people working together around shared goals. As an information technology (IT) services provider, RCMT also has unique strengths that I found compelling, including deep expertise in human capital management solutions for enterprises, and application development for small to mid-sized companies. We also have expertise around cyber security, which is of growing importance to clients. Perhaps the biggest attraction was the quality of the customer base, and the long-standing relationships RCMT has with many of its clients.

Mike Boyle On Trends, Challenges and Passion

Parna: What’s your vision for the company?

Mike: My philosophy is to focus on people first and the innovation will follow. In addition to driving growth and revenue, I’d like to create a great culture at RCMT and focus on hiring the right people so we can deliver fantastic results for the company. I want to make sure we all come together as an organization – and we can do that by fostering an environment of shared responsibilities, transparent and open communication with employees, and working together around clear goals.

Parna: What type of companies does RCMT work with?

Mike: We collaborate with an excellent roster of well-known companies, including ADP, Johnson and Johnson, GDIT (General Dynamics Information Technology), Pfizer and United Healthcare.  We work very closely with our clients — from sharing ideas and application development to managing their workforce and accelerating regulatory compliance for pharmaceutical and medical device organizations.

Parna: What message would you like to send to your customers?

Mike: Our customers should know that we’ll always send highly talented professionals to partner with them. I also believe in having a seat at their table, inclusive collaboration, sharing ideas and in communicating clearly around needs and objectives. We truly value the partnerships we have with our clients. I want us to be part of their long-term decision-making process and ensure we are all singing from the same hymn book — from cyber security to go-to-market strategy.

Parna: How would you describe your leadership style?

Mike: I believe people are the heart and soul of a company and it’s my responsibility to keep them engaged and motivated. I like to create a culture of shared responsibilities – from cleaning the office refrigerator and taking out trash to developing solutions. I like to eliminate distractions and remove roadblocks, so the professionals can continue to do their job and grow. In short, I am about rolling up my sleeves and fostering collaboration.

Parna: How do you recognize your employees?

Mike: It’s very important to recognize the contributions of team members. It doesn’t have to be anything big. I like to send hand-written birthday cards, have pizza delivered to a team that’s working late or recognize a work anniversary. My focus has and will continue to be to make sure that I create a culture of comradery and people enjoy coming to work each day. Make them feel like they work with me, not for me. .


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