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Parna's Story

From unpaid intern to executive leadership

Parna Sarkar-Basu came to this country with two suit cases to join her husband who was a student at MIT. She had no job and no one wanted to take a chance on a young, unknown entity – despite her solid background in advertising and knowledge of American history and culture.

With perseverance and determination, she eventually joined the tech industry and had the privilege of working at global companies, with brilliant entrepreneurs and business leaders. Soon, Parna earned a seat at the table.

Finding her niche

Parna’s passion is humanizing technology brands and elevating companies to new heights. She enjoys being part of a team that’s driving business transformation, re-positioning the company or preparing to raise funds. Parna enjoys partnering with executives who are change agents within companies and effectively utilizing a tried-and-true strategy to support their business goals.

Reverence to entrepreneurship 

Throughout her career, Parna was constantly in awe of entrepreneurs for putting everything on the line to build a business around an idea. Finally, she took the plunge and started Brand and Buzz Marketing to help small and mid-sized companies become market and innovation leaders and to expand globally – quickly and cost effectively. Think of us ‘the McKinsey for small businesses’, Parna says when describing the consulting firm. “We help companies become market leaders – without a multi-million dollar marketing budget.”

Advocating for women in tech and future innovators 

Parna is also passionate about supporting women entrepreneurs and students as well as an advocate of gender inclusivity.  She creates initiatives to help women business owners and women in the tech industry build their digital presence, amplify their voices and spotlighting their accomplishments – whether they are looking to grow their business or advance in their career. She has designed STEM programs for schools and companies to nurture and empower future innovators.


Sharing Insights

Parna contributes to the innovation economy and frequently speaks on a variety of topics, including tech trends, future of work, why founders (especially women) should be the face of the company, humanizing technology and more. Here she is sharing the stage with entrepreneurs and experts.